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Who We Are

The Fremont High Sparkbots and Infernobots, founded in 2019, are sister teams focused on robotics. These are rookie teams comprised of 15 members each, which compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge. Based at Fremont High School, the teams prepare new students for the FRC environment. They hope to build a foundation for the future years of FTC. As a rookie team, they have no members experienced in FTC, so they must figure out everything from scratch.

Based at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, California, the team has been teaching students critical thinking and engineering skills over the past five years.

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Our Mission

Mission statement for FTC


The Sparkbots and Infernobots build their robot and create their engineering notebook between August and late November, and then compete through November and January.

Our Robots

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Engineering Notebook

FTC Engineering Notebooks

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